About Us

About Us

Company beliefs and core values


We believe that the customer is at the centre and the very raison d'etre of our business. Everything that we do and every decision we take aims at providing to him/her the best possible product/price/financing/service package.

We build and emphatically promote lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations in terms of quality, service and professionalism.


We believe that the members of our personnel are the most important assets of our Company. Through good management, continuous communication and training, a productivity based remuneration system and reward to meritocracy, we encourage the development of a highly dedicated, positive, quality-oriented and principles-driven workforce.


We believe in permanent improvement and we continuously review, fine-tune and improve work methods, including the use of the latest technological innovations, with the objectives of increasing efficiency, cutting down costs, working in a smarter manner all the time while always keeping in mind the interest of the customer.


We endeavour to maintain and reinforce our position of market leader by doing the right things at the right time in response to (a) external stimuli in the form of information and/or changes in the social, economic, technological or business environments and to (b) internal stimuli in the form of feedback from diverse and varied sources and /or the interpretation of our own statistics.