The history of our Company goes as far back as 1933 when Mr. Khanchand Kalachand, came to Mauritius to start a textile business. As the business expanded, he was joined by his two sons, Mr. Kishinchand Kalachand and Mr. Jayramdas Kalachand (father of our Managing Director).

During World War II, between 1939 and 1945, economic activities declined. So, Mr. Khanchand Kalachand and his sons decided to close shop and return to India. In 1945, Mr. Khanchand Kalachand died.


In 1947, the two sons left India to settle in Mauritius. They restarted the textile business and within a matter of years they opened 3 textile shops in the main centres of the island.

By the mid 1960s, the Kalachand brothers became the leading importers of textile in Mauritius.
During one of his business trips to Osaka, Japan, in 1964, Mr. Jayramdas Kalachand met the representatives of Sanyo Electric Company and negotiated agency rights for the Mauritian market.

By 1968, 3 electronic shops had opened, again in the main centres of the island. To manage the 6 shops (3 textile and 3 electronic), the two brothers separated - Mr. Kishinchand Kalachand took the management of the textile shops and Mr. Jayramdas Kalachand that of the electronic shops.


In April 1967, Mr Jayramdas Kalachand suffered a stroke. His son, Mr Ramesh Kalachand, then aged only 17, stepped in to manage the business.

In December 1968, J.Kalachand & Co Ltd. was formed.

In 1976, a rise in the export price of sugar caused an improvement in the purchasing power of Mauritians as salaries went up by 30-40%. This was beneficial to business and Kalachand Building (Lord Kitchener St.) was erected and opened at Port Louis, the capital, in November 1977. It was, in fact, the biggest shop at that time in Port Louis.

In 1985, the founding father of the Company died.

Mr. Ramesh Kalachand was later joined by his brother, Mr. Ashok Kalachand (the Financial Director) and Mr Gilbert Chavry (the Executive Director).

1987 and 1988 were particularly beneficial to the Company owing to the full employment situation created by the expansion of the industrial sector leading to the remarkable economic growth of the country. Meanwhile the Company had already started to expand. A first branch was already opened in December 1986. It was followed in the following years by the opening of numerous other branches in the main towns and villages. To date, J. Kalachand & Co. Ltd. possesses a network of 25 sales outlets representing a formidable distributive force at the service of our suppliers and of our customers alike.


In 1992, the Head Office was transferred from Kalachand Building in Port Louis to Plaine Lauzun, in an Industrial Estate in the South of the capital. The service centre, which comprises a workshop for electronic goods as well as a workshop for mechanical products (motorcycles, generators, water pumps, outboard motors, bush cutters, pressure cleaners etc.) is also situated here.

In April 2011, the Head Office moved to our new Company's Headquarters Building. Situated on one of the main thoroughfares of Mauritius (Motorway M1), it can be seen from afar and from several directions. In addition to our offices, this state of the art building also houses 10000 square metres of commercial space and the largest furniture showroom in Mauritius.


The fourth generation is already in place as, a few years back, Mr. Ravi Kalachand, the Managing Director's son joined the business. Recently Mr Aakash Kalachand, the Finance Director’s son in turn came on board. Both hold the post of Executive Directors of the Company.

J.Kalachand & Co Ltd., today, is a Company, which employs a workforce of more than 680 persons to ensure the smooth running of its activities with at least 17% of them in after-sales service.