Delivery & Collection

T&C of delivery provided by J Kalachand & Co Ltd (“The Company”) 

1. General Terms including Customers’ Responsibilities

i. Free Delivery: J Kalachand via its website delivers free of charge goods purchased exceeding Rs.1,500 in value on the ground floor and on other higher floors, if a suitable lift in good working condition is available subject to the conditions stipulated below. For more complex deliveries, additional charges WILL be levied.

ii. Survey for more complex items/conditions: We may have to carry out a survey for more complex deliveries (1st floor or above, restricted access, multiple floor delivery etc…) and should additional manpower be required to carry out the delivery, the customer will be subject to pay for a delivery/labour charge.

iii. Access at point of delivery: The customer must ensure adequate access at the point of delivery. If it is not possible to deliver the goods due to a lack of access space, the customer will be charged for any subsequent delivery or should additional manpower be required. 

iv. Potentially obstructive items and circumstances: The customer should ensure that all passageways are cleared of obstacles so as to avoid damages to the goods being delivered or falls and bruises to the delivery personnel. J.Kalachand & Co Ltd cannot be held accountable for damages, either to the product(s) purchased or to the walls and/or floors of the customer’s home due to an insufficient margin of maneuverability in doorways, hallways and staircases.

v. Customer to inspect items: On delivery, the customer should inspect the delivered and/or assembled goods carefully. Any damage detected should be immediately reported to the delivery personnel and noted in writing on the delivery slip. J.Kalachand will not accept responsibility for damages found after the delivery personnel have left the delivery site.  

vi. Acceptance of delivered items: Once the customer or his representative has inspected the goods and has signed his/her acceptance on the delivery copy noting any damage if any, it is agreed that the delivery copy then constitutes evidence of the condition of the delivered items

vii. Person accepting delivery and sales invoice copy retained: If the customer is unable to personally accept delivery of the goods he/she has to ensure that there is a responsible adult at the property to receive the goods as they will have to be signed for. The sales invoice should be left with the person receiving the delivery together with the receiver’s ID card for control purposes. No delivery will be done to children.

In the case deliveries to statutory or corporate bodies, or of deliveries on construction sites, the person making the arrangements at time of purchase for the delivery of the goods MUST provide the name and telephone number of the person who will be accepting the delivery on behalf of the purchaser so that a proper appointment may be taken by our personnel for same.

viii. Client (or representative) not onsite to accept delivery as agreed at time of sale: In such cases, the Company will have no alternative but to return the goods to the warehouse and reschedule the delivery, which will be chargeable to the customer.

ix. Disposal of items: The Company does not dispose of goods for customers. Customers should make their own arrangement for disposal of old sets prior to the delivery being made. If old sets are not cleared, and there is no space to place the delivered set, the delivery will be rescheduled and this will be chargeable.

x. Deliveries to be effected at later dates (pending deliveries): In such cases, the customer should understand that the Company will only store the goods for a period not exceeding 15 days. It is the customer’s responsibility to inform the Company when to deliver. Storage charges will apply when items are left in the Company’s custody for prolonged periods of time.

2. Specific Terms (applicable to certain types of deliveries)

i. Large and Heavy Items  

[Applicable to: large refrigerator models, large washing machines, heavy duty and semi commercial fitness equipment, all home gym models, safes, tiles, pianos]

The items listed above are typically heavier and larger items, which require additional manpower to load, carry and finally deliver to our customers’ premises. For such items, we require additional information to be accurately provided such that we can effectively plan the delivery. 

Special consideration needs to be given to the following:

  • Availability of a lift when delivering above ground floor 
  • How many flights of stairs will the delivery team need to carry the goods up 
  • Is the staircase wide enough? Are there any sharp bends? Is the bend radius adequate for the transport of the goods to be delivered? 
  • Are the main entrance, yard, passages and corridors inside the house or flat wide enough to maneuver the goods without causing damage to these and to the surroundings

We will request that a pre-delivery survey be carried out should the customer be unsure about any of the above considerations. 

It must be noted that any delivery requiring additional manpower, riskier circumstances, more time than a normal delivery, will attract an additional fee for the customer. 

ii. Deliveries of furniture and other items requiring assembly [fitness equipment, home gym, etc]

The above deliveries are normally effected by a three person team who will assemble the goods in the room where the customer intends to place them or in an appropriate place close nearby, if so feasible.. 

It is understood that:

a) The goods purchased are of the right dimensions for the room. It is the customer’s responsibility to have ascertained this aspect before his purchase decision. Additional charges may have to be levied should we need to disassemble and repack the goods, carry them away and come back to complete the delivery.

b) The room where the furniture or other product is to be assembled must provide enough space for this operation. The Company delivery team will not clear the room of any old furniture unless prior arrangements have been made and the required charges paid. In such a case, a survey may have to be done beforehand to assess the amount of work involved.

c) In the absence of space and where the delivery team will have to spend time to make space, a charge will be levied to the customer

d) Our delivery personnel will not hang mirrors, tune TV sets on delivery of TV furniture, dispose of old furniture, move furniture from one floor to another, from one house to another or from one room to another. 

 iii. Any other complexities 

Charges will apply in cases where complexities exist in the deliveries. These can include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Installation being incomplete or absent prior to receiving delivery for items requiring installation/connection/tuning (e.g. TV antenna, washing machines, refrigerators with water dispensers, etc.)
  • Lift not working on the day of delivery
  • Staircase too narrow to carry the goods to required floor
  • The need to mobilise additional manpower or rented mechanical means such as a crane to effect the delivery either because of bad driveway, difficulty of access conditions or for any other reason
  • Wrong communication on the conditions of delivery from the customer at time of sale