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Credit Facilities

Our Company offers credit facilities in the form of a hire purchase agreement. The purchaser would, under a hire purchase agreement, be normally required to effect a down-payment and pay the remaining amount in monthly instalments over a period of time. The period of repayment varies depending on the item being purchased, in accordance with the policy of the Company. According to the law on Hire Purchase the maximum period of repayment cannot be in excess of thirty (30) months.

Interest and administrative costs (referred to as charges under the Hire Purchase Law) is chargeable over the period of repayment. The charges cannot exceed 12% per annum.

For the convenience of customers who will not have to queue-up at the cashiers’ desks in our branches, we strongly recommend that payments of instalments be made by standing order on the bank accounts shown underneath.

Credit granted to corporate customers are only for a duration of 30 days unless otherwise agreed with our Credit Control department. Payments on such credit accounts have to be settled via Internet Banking on the following bank accounts:

1) Name of Beneficiary: J. Kalachand & Co Ltd 
Bank Name: SBM Bank (Mauritius) Ltd
Bank Address: 1, Queen Elizabeth II Avenue, Port-Louis
Account Number: 61030100044543

2) Name of Beneficiary: J. Kalachand & Co Ltd 
Bank Name: Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd 
Bank Address: Sir William Newton Street, Port-Louis
Account Number: 000443086214

3) Name of Beneficiary: J. Kalachand & Co Ltd 
Bank Name: HongKong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd 
Bank Address: HSBC Centre, 18 CyberCity Ebene
Account Number: 001-304039-007

Credit Facilities Process

A customer can apply for Credit Facilities either by going personally to the nearest J. Kalachand & Co Ltd showroom or by starting the process online.

Online Application Process

At the time of check-out, after having chosen your products, you may click on the Apply for Credit Facilities button. You will then be prompted to upload some relevant documents. Your application will be forwarded to our Credit Control Department. They will analyze the information and peruse the documents to decide whether the loan may be granted.

You would then be contacted and asked to visit one of our branches to complete the application process.

Deed of Purchase Agreement

Once approved, a deed of Hire Purchase Agreement is then drawn out, outlining all the conditions of sale, which takes effect with the signature of both buyer and vendor.


For our sales process, we will require some of your personal data to be able to materialise the sales and prepare your warranty card. Learn more.